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Ordering Prints
While I would love to have my entire photographic catelog avalible to be ordered in print form, I do want to limit this to only what I feel is my best work. Ordering prints is a simple proceedure. First visit my portfolio over on 500px where I show off my best work. Browse the images there, once you've found the one you've requested, copy and paste the link into an email to alexluyckx.photo[at]gmail[dot]com. All images will be printed in high-quality archival inkjet completed by fellow photographer Jason DiMichele in sizes from 8x10 to 24x36. I'm also pleased to offer any film image printing in sizes between 5x7 to 11x14 in a traditional darkroom, hand printed on quality Ilford, Foma, and Adox papers.

I stand behind the quality of my images and prints as such the following costs are associated with making these prints.

Inkjet Prints
All inkjet prints are made using quality Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper using Professional Epson Printers and archival inks.

  • 8x10 - 15$
  • 11x14 - 25$
  • 16x20 - 40$
  • 20x24 - 55$
  • 24x36 - 95$

Darkroom Prints
I pride myself in maintaining skills in a tradional wet darkroom, these prints may take longer to produce due to the nature of the process but each print is made with great care and love for the craft. I can only produce black and white images with this process and using Ilford, Kodak, Foma, and Adox products.

  • 5x7 - 10$
  • 8x10 - 20$
  • 11x14 - 30$

Darkroom Prints from Digital Files
Today modern technology has advanced that we can even offer digital images as tranditional silver prints. Working with the fine folks at Ilford Lab USA I can offer any of my digital prints as a tranditional darkroom print. The process as before is to visit my 500px site, select the image you want to purchase and email it to alexluyckx.photo[at]gmail[dot]com. Please allow at least a month for the delivery of the product as the print will need to come from the California.

  • 4x6 - 15$
  • 5x7 - 20$
  • 8x10 - 25$

Online & Print Use of Photos
I'm also happy to offer my photos for use for websites, online magazines, and print options. However, this service is not offered free. To request use of any image please visit my complete catelog over on Flickr, all images are properly tagged so I reccomend running a search for the type of image you're looking for, then copy the URL into an email to alexluyckx.photo[at]gmail[dot]com include in the email how you wish to use the image or images. I will send to either a high quality TIFF image for print or JPG file for online use. Use in print format is set at 50$ per image while online use is set to 25$ per image.

Please note that printing and use of portraiture may be limited due to contractual obligation to the client, if the photo you select is restricted I will let you know upon your first contact.