The (Film Podcast) Union
A fine selection of podcasts dedicated to film photography specifically. These are podcasts that I listen to as much as I can or actively support and promote through the film photography community. In some cases I have a direct connection to the podcast.

The Film Photography Project
The Godfather of Film Podcasts, the one the only, FPP!

Classic Camera Revival
A twice-monthly podcast related to classic cameras and traditional photographic mediums and methods

Large Format Photography Podcast
Go Big or Go Home, everything LF is right here, big, bigger, and the biggest!

A weekly podcast out of the Mother Country (England). A lively discussion happens about all things film.

Negative Positives
A fantastic podcast that has taken off, hosted by the dynamic duo of Mike Gutterman and Andre Domingues.

Studio C-41
A great podcast with a wonderful mix of reviews and interviews.

A Light in The Dark
A pocast dedicated to the art of darkroom printing!

I Dream of Cameras
Well don't we all? But seriously join Jeff as he talks about the fine world of camera collecting.

Lucy Lumen's Podcast Adventure
Lucy is an amazing photographer and is pushing the envelope and exploring the world of film photography and getting into the minds of photographers seeking out their inspiration and processes.

Film Photo Geeks
Join Alex, Brandy, and Laura on their adventures in film and photography!

Uncle Jonesy's Cameras
The Shutter Brothers are strong in their love of all things camera related!

Classic Lenses Podcast
All things lenses from the modern to the classic, nothing but manual focus!

The Hypersensitive Photographer's Podcast
Have you ever wondered what would happen if the guy behind Emuslive did a podcast? Well wonder no more!

Embrace the Grain
Sherry and Jake gives a rural Canadian slant to Film Photography!

Lensless Podcast
Live life without a lens, anything pinhole related goes here!

The Soot and Whitewash Podcast
Neil and Alex's thoughts on anything Analogue and Film Related.

The ultimate gear-head's podcast, join Mike, Theo, and many other guests as they talk all things gear releated!

Tales from the Magic Box
Well any camera is a magic box, but Henry brings his best to telling his stories.

Flaneur On The Street
Join George on the streets with medium format pinhole, and everything inbetween.

The (Camera Blogger) Alliance
While Podcasts are one thing, these are photographers whom I have a connection with and support their work. They also share a love of film photography and promotion of the art and use of classic camera gear.

Sean Galbraith Photography
Sean is a big inspiration for me in photography, both in style, equipment, and medium.

Julie Douglas Photography
Julie is a fantastic photographer, friend, and teacher

Michelle Simpson Photos
Michelle is a nature and landscape photographer in Alaska.

Promoter of Slow Photography, world traveller, and ship captain Jim Austen currates and publishes a monthly 'Zine of some amazing photographs, and the best part it's free!

Mat Marrash - For the Love of Film
Mat is a fellow film photographer from Ohio. Brilliant Large Format photographer!

Michael Raso - Shoot Film
The personal blog of FPP Founder Michael Raso. I'd be remiss in not putting his personal site here as he's the one that re-introduced me to film photography and got me hooked on instant photography.

Angela Solis
A steady member of the Toronto Film shooters group and a great local photographer

Life And Colour
The amazing paintings of Sarah Burt, I have two of her pieces, one is proudly displayed in Heather and Mine's living room.

My Third Eye
The personal photoblog of John Meadows, a daily post of one of his beautiful images.

Fun With Cameras
Bill Smith's adventures with film and cameras.

Shoot Film Co
A fun choice in film related accessories.

The Gas Haus
And you thought my blog was bad...just wait until you see the GAS Haus.

Aperture Preview
Eric reviews the cameras that he enjoys working with.

Utah Film Photography
Shaun Nelsons awesome blog about film, film photography, and cameras

Quality film related blog, moderated by Hamish Gill.

The mighty Emuslive is a strong supporter and gathering of the film photography community. The group behind various film parties and the Secret Santa gift exchange.

Down the Road
The Photography and stories of Jim Grey, a long time reader of this site and my personal blog.

James Lee Photo
James Lee is an amazing (reformed) wedding photographer who has come back into the warm chemical embrace of film.

Kosmo Foto
Some Amazing curated content, camera reviews and the home of the Mono 100 Film!

Mike Eckman Dot Com
Bring your some of the best and most detailed camera reviews that I've seen!

Canny Cameras
Proving that you don't need to spend a lot to get amazing photos.

Casual Photophile
Cameras, Films, Lenses, and more! A great resource for all things photography.

Photo Thinking
Theo digs into Cameras, Photography, and everything inbetween.

Camera Go Camera
Looking at the cameras you can find in junk shops and swap meets.

Japan Camera Hunter
Looking for that rare camera? Well get JCH on the job.

Aly's Vintage Camera Alley
Aly discusses all things cameras and photography. No other introduction is needed.

Dan Cuny - Concerts, History, Travel, and Collecting
Dan has a great collection of photos from concerts, travel, historical sources and a little bit on camera collecting.

Photography related resources

Burlington Camera
A traditional camera store in Burlington, ON. Provides C-41 processing only for 35mm, Medium Format, and 110.

Old School Labs
A fantastic film lab in New Hampshire, offers drop off and mail-in service for b/w, c-41, e-6 film stocks in all common formats, great prices to, and friendly staff.
Local Canadian retailer of only the finest photographic materials such as film, paper, and chemistry.

Buy Film Canada
A great source for film and chemistry by online ordering here in Ontario

Downtown Camera
Always a stop for the Toronto Film Shooters if we need fresh film before a Toronto Walk

Polaroid Originals
The original is back, the only source for original instant film for Polaroid and I-Type cameras
A peer based website for locating a photowalk near you!

A Little Bit of Humor

Questionable Content
Indie Rock and Robots, enough said!

Least I Could Do
The rather odd adventures of Rayne Summers

Girls with Slingshots
A Girl and her Cactus

Warning: Math, Science, and Humor

Star Power
An Astronomer Saves the Galaxy! While story has ended, if you haven't check it out, you can start from the beginning!

What the Duck
Ducks and Cameras

The Legacy of Dominic Deegan
The story of Dominic Deegan carries on! Set some 200 years after the original story line concluded!