Probably one of the best things that I have done with my photography is to formulate projects for myself, to focus my effort, sharpen my creativity, and push my own limits. Several projects have ended up in book form, but others will remain on my blog. You can see what is up and comming on the project front, see what projects are ongoing, and browse through past projects. If you're looking for book projects visit the book projects page.


I will be taking a break in 2017 from a year photo project but rather focusing on capturing images for the sake of capturing images, finding inspiration as I shoot, not finding inspiration first.


Currently I am working on compiling two photo books. The first being a collection of Urban Exploration photos from my time in the hobby of Tresspassing. The second musings on my previous 52-Roll Project. 52-Roll should be ready to go in Febuary and the Urban Exploration one in the Summer! I may even draw some inspiration from an upcoming trip to NYC!


It was an ambious project to say the least, shoot at least one roll or pack of film a week for the entire year, 52 weeks, 52 rolls of film. Inspired by Mat Marrash, the project did teach me one thing, disipline with shooting, getting the film processed, and posting them online. You can check out the entire series on the blog: Project:52 on the Blog.

My 2011 fifty-two roll project was a huge success, so what could make it better, how about restricting the film and camera that I can use. 400TX:365 will be another 52 roll film project, but only using the famous Kodak Tri-X 400 film stock, all hand developed in HC-110, and shot with my trusty Nikon F3 and a 50mm lens. Check out All 52 weeks on the blog!

The 52 project for 2014, where I will shoot a sheet of 4x5 film a week. I will again be sticking to Kodak Tri-X Pan (320TX). The only defining rules is the Film has to be Tri-X and the format is 4x5, everything else is up to me! You can view all the posts over at: 52:320TXP on the Blog.

Fire & Blood - The Anglo-American War of 1812
It's been 200 years since war came to the shores of Upper Canada, and over the course of 2012 through 2016, in addition to reenacting the battles I plan on visiting as many sites from the war that I can. Missed the entries or want several months worth of reading click over to Project:1812 on the blog. Or if you want the whole thing laid out to you read it in the book which you can pick up Fire & Blood: A Pictorial History of the Anglo-American War of 1812 on Blurb now!

The return of the 52-Roll project, the 2016 version goes back to the 400TX:365 project where I'll be working with just one camera and one film stock...sort of. The idea is to get to know the Hasselblad 500c along with the Rollei RPX line of film, the spiritual successors to the Agfa APX films. Check it out at!